Types of Bridal Shapewear

There are different types of bridal undergarments which can make a huge difference on your bridal look by emphasizing your curves, and helping you achieve a perfect posture. Before you make a choice, make sure to fit the shapewear under your wedding gown or dress to check for lines, straps, or edges that may appear awkwardly on your wedding day.

Bridal Corset
A bridal corset or bustier is designed to boost the bosoms and shape the torso, and is an ideal wear for strapless gowns. It helps you show off those flawless curves, and works as if you are wearing a strapless bra. A bridal corset may also be worn under a strapless or off-shoulder wedding gowns. A lot of brides may also choose to wear a bridal corset as the top half of a two-piece wedding dress, adding a touch of romance.
Bridal Body Shaper
A bridal body shaper has flat seams, thin straps, and a beautifully crafted pattern that will make your figure standout. Depending on the type of wedding dress or gown you’re wearing, a bridal shaper can be designed in several different levels of shaping and style.
Bridal Girdle
A bridal girdle is one of the oldest and most popular forms of foundation wear, and is an excellent choice to shape the tummy, waist, and hips. A bridal girdle provides a slimming look and helps in the flow of your wedding dress.