Tips in Choosing Your Bridal Shapewear

It’s not just important to purchase a shapewear for your wedding dress, but you need to find the right kind of shapewear, specifically designed to suit your body type and your wedding dress style. Here, we list down our recommended undergarments for each type of dress.
For Strapless Wedding Dresses
With a strapless style gown, the major cause of concern is the support and comfort for the bride. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to tug up your dress all day long because your bust is not supported properly. For this type of dress, you might want to consider a bridal corset or bustier, because this type of shapewear has a boning in the bodice that can help hold up the bust.
For Mermaid Wedding Dresses
The problem with mermaid dresses is that they don’t flare out around the waist, hips, or thighs, thus a shapewear is absolutely necessary to help achieve a voluptuous and flawless look. A seamless bustier would be a great option to slim the waist, support the bust, and even shape the hips if it is long enough. You may also consider a high waist tights or control shorts paired with a strapless bra.
For A-Line/Ballgown Wedding Dresses
Unlike a mermaid style wedding dress, A-Line and Ballgown dresses do not pose much innerwear challenges, because they flare out at the hips leaving bodyshaping concerns only to the bust and waist. Still, a bustier is an excellent option for this type of dress, which will provide shape and support in the waist and bust areas. A high waist brief paired with bra is another great option.