Tips for Finding the Best Bridal Gown

Schedule Your First Appointment Immediately
It is important that you start with your wedding gown search as soon as you get engaged rather than wait for a few more months. Most of the time, it takes about 6 to 9 months for custom made gowns to arrive, so ideally, it would be wise to start making selections 12 months before your wedding date.
Bring only a Few People
Basically, you don’t need to bring anything on your first appointment, except for a couple of people who will help picking up the perfect dress and whose opinions matter! You can bring your mom, sister, or best friend, but don’t bring too many people with you as it can be confusing.
Take Time to Chat
Ultimately, your first meeting with your consultant would be the most important. Feel free to chat about all wedding elements with your consultant, including the location, motif, flowers, theme, etc. All of these will help your consultant suggest a bridal gown that would be fitting for your wedding concept. Be honest and discuss your likes and dislikes, so that the wedding dress options would be narrowed down.
Choose Based on Your Body Type
No matter how gorgeous the wedding dress is, it wouldn’t look good on you once worn if it’s not meant for your particular body type. You have to keep in mind that some dresses are specifically made for certain body shapes, height, and frame. For example, a ball gown style would look good on tall girls, and girls who are heavier at the bottom. The Fit and Flare dress style- one that is fitted through bodice and hips, and then gently flares out gradually- works great on anybody with curves, but doesn’t look good on girls with a larger waistline. The Sheath style- a classic style with a straight cut that hugs curves- works perfectly on tall and thin girls. Meanwhile, an A-Line dress, one which flares out gently, looks good on almost every body type. Style selection is essential to give great emphasis on your curves or create a cheating effect if you have some extra weight, which will give you a boost of confidence.
Set Your Budget
Ideally, about 10% of your whole wedding budget would be great to spend on a wedding dress, however, every bride has her own priority. Some may tend to spend more on the reception, photography, flowers, etc. so it would be entirely up to you.
However, it’s nice to remember only to look at dresses that fit within your budget range, unless you’re willing to go overboard. Besides, it could be kind of frustrating to fit a dress that you would extremely like, only to find out that you could not afford it. Most couturiers are willing to come up with a spectacular dress that would fit your wallet, so just be honest and tell them how much you can afford.
Be Open Minded
If you’re working with a seasoned couturier, one look at you and they’ll definitely know what style of dress will fit you well. While you may already have a dress in mind, trust in their taste and welcome any suggestions. Feel free to dress up and fit their recommendations so you can find the perfect dress for you.