General Wedding Tips

Every bride has a wedding of her dreams in mind, but isn’t the ultimate dream finding your one true love and partner? Below are some wedding tips we’ve compiled to help you plan a budget-friendly wedding.
Trim Down the Guest List
The number of guests would affect the pricing of each of your wedding essentials- food, venue, souvenirs, etc. Consider a very private wedding involving only immediate family and friends. If you have other friends that you regret not being able to invite, consider hosting an after-wedding party instead.
Do It Yourself
While hiring a wedding coordinator would take a lot of stress off your shoulders, it’s not always a necessity. Besides, not everyone can afford to hire one, but if you have the time and are creative enough, you could save a lot of money from the service of a wedding planner.
Not only is it cost-effective, but DIY weddings can add a personal touch to your special day. It also keeps you in control. Every couple’s love story is beautiful, so make sure to let your guests know how you two ended up together by incorporating personal experiences and moments in your theme, instead of mimicking popular and expensive weddings.
Choose an Off-peak Wedding Date
Rather than dying for that June wedding, consider getting wed on an off-peak season. It could save you a fortune when there’s less competition and it gives you better negotiating power.
Think Outside the Box
Things that could make your wedding really expensive are receptions, flowers, and souvenirs. Consider choosing unusual receptions, like your backyard, or a park. You could also save money on decorations when the reception is held outdoors. Consider personalized wedding tokens to even save more.
Sometimes, all you need is a bit of creativity to save money on your wedding. After all, it’s not the wedding that’s important, but the marriage and a lifelong partnership.
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