Bridal Undergarment Guide

Every bride who wants to look her best on her wedding day should take the time to find the necessary undergarments ideal for her body and dress. While you might not need all of these listed items, you should determine early on what will work best with your bridal gown so you wouldn’t panic on your big day in finding alternatives.
Choose a Properly Fitted Bra
Women should realize that their everyday bra may not fit well with their wedding dress. A small weight change may alter the bra’s size, and could ruin with the fitting of the dress. Make sure you visit the tailor to know your real bra size and carefully choose the bra to be used specifically on your big day. Also, make sure to wear this bra on your final fitting of the wedding dress to make sure that they will go along together.
Meanwhile, some women may also need strapless or specialty bra for certain styles of wedding dresses which have thin straps halter or specialty straps, or are strapless.
Consider Sewn-in Cups
If you don’t want to stress over choosing specialty bras, your best bet are sewn-in cups. They work well with strapless or backless dresses so you don’t have to hassle about hiding straps. Your couturier can sew them into your gown and position them properly for support and comfort of the bust area. 
Choose Good Panties
Good panties help the bride feel good inside even if no one can see them under the wedding dress, but more importantly, they should be chosen to fit the bride comfortably and avoid showing unwanted panty lines, especially for tight fitting dresses. To make sure it works perfectly fine with the dress, make sure you try on the panties you intend to wear during your gown fitting.
Stockings for Winter Weddings
While not all women are happy with wearing stockings, they can give the bride a smooth appearance and also prevent having chills. For a bride who wants some shaping, a control-top pantyhose is ideal to provide a chic look and smooth out curves. You may also choose a traditional garter belt if you don’t want the restrictive feeling of a control top and if you want to wear silk instead of nylon. With thigh-high stockings though, consider that they may roll and bunch.
Slips for Thin or Sheer Gowns
You may want to consider a full or half slip if you are wearing a dress made of light fabrics, however, it’s best to choose the shade that matches your bridal dress. For dresses with thin skirts or thicker bodices, a half slip is a great choice. Meanwhile, a full slip is recommended for bridal dresses which are thin all over.
Consider Petticoats
Depending on your dress style, you might need a petticoat especially with full ball gown skirt to add structure for that princess look. Petticoats can help hold the skirt to a perfect ball shape, and also prevents the fabric from trailing on the floor. If you want a hint of colour, you may opt for coloured petticoats. Keep in mind that it could take time to learn how to move gracefully with this type of undergarment, so make sure you practice and alert your maid of honor that her aid might be needed whenever you’re moving around.
Never Forget the Garter
Of course, in every wedding, there will be a garter toss, so you wouldn’t want to forget wearing your garter. With a garter, you are free to choose any style you want, since basically it is just a non-functional undergarment. You decide whether you want to wear it throughout the ceremony or just slip it on before the garter toss. Still, it’s worth to test wearing the garter one day before in order to make sure that it won’t slip down or pinch too tight on your leg throughout your wedding day.